Monday, March 19, 2018

Cobalt Sets New Standard for Luxury Outboard Performance In the 23-ft. Class With the Roomy Model 23SC


Cobalt 23SCUpscale manufacturer brings its high standards of traditional craftsmanship to the outboard category with its Model 23SC, ideal for discerning first-time buyers.

Neodesha, KS (March 19, 2018) — Premium luxury manufacturer Cobalt Boats has introduced its first 23-ft. outboard, the Model 23SC, to offer first-time buyers and occasional boaters seeking higher quality and reliability the same level of construction, performance and attention to detail offered in its larger boats. Incorporating the roomy interior design, deep hull, quality materials and upscale amenities offered across the entire Cobalt product line, the Model 23SC also boasts the handing, stability and smooth ride that have made the Cobalt name synonymous with comfort. Key features include a dual Garmin 7607 glass cockpit for greater visibility and situational awareness; an innovative interior design that reclaims up to 12 in. of interior beam space, along with additional square footage; an expansive bow that increases seating capacity to 12 adults; and such elements as an all-composite transom, all-fiberglass stringer system and Kevlar®-reinforced construction for unmatched durability. The Model 23SC’s outboard-specific hull has also been engineered to withstand the greater stress inherent with high-performance outboard motors, enabling a full ten-year structural warranty.

“Including all the luxury, comfort, amenities and options that have made us famous, the Model 23SC is a new way for Cobalt to express its ability to design and build a superior boat at an reasonable cost,” said Paxson St. Clair, Cobalt’s President. “A large boat for its class, we think the Model 23SC will also win raves with its outstanding performance and smooth, supple handling,” he added.

The Model 23SC is also equipped with such standard Cobalt features as a flip-lip captain’s seat bolster; cushioned storage lids with double-knuckled hinges for easier access; extended running surfaces; an integrated bow eye and scuff plate for protection from trailer marks; a bow walk-through door, aft passageway and standard flip-up step for easy boarding; and a Porta Potti head. The Model 23SC’s more than 50 comfort, function and style options range from a powered captain’s chair, uprated bimini top and sea grass floor coverings, to an array of premium lighting, sound, entertainment and engine choices. The Model 23SC is currently in production and is available through Cobalt’s World Class Dealer Network.

About Cobalt: Headquartered in Neodesha, KS, Cobalt Boats LLC, is a publicly owned, industry-leading manufacturer of luxury family day boats. Combining uncompromising product quality with customer-inspired innovation and value, Cobalt has earned an international reputation for unmatched customer satisfaction through its World Class Dealer Network. 


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Monday, March 19, 2018

Cobalt’s New A36 Injects Nimble Performance Into A 35.5-ft. Yacht


Luxury features abound in the versatile A36 modern crossover, which combines the functionality of an open-bow motorboat with the convenience of an overnight cruiser.

Neodesha, KS (March 19, 2018) — New from premium luxury manufacturer Cobalt Boats is the Model A36, a deluxe crossover that shares the handling characteristics of a 25-ft. runabout with the space, beam width and design of a large, premium yacht. Designed to appeal to a range of family boaters, from weekend watersport enthusiasts to marina-berthed lake-home owners, the A36 is the latest member of Cobalt’s A Series, which blends cutting-edge design and luxury appointments. Upholding the Cobalt legacy of performance and handling via an extended running surface that facilitates quicker planing, surer turns and minimized bow rise, the new A36 is exceptionally stable at high speeds, providing additional confidence for drivers and unmatched comfort for passengers.

Among the many amenities special to the A Series and the A36 are a distinctive coupe top and an integral-design hydraulic swim platform. Lowering well below the water’s surface, this platform is an ideal base for recreational activities, while also serving as a convenient full-beam step leading into the spacious cabin and cockpit. Showcasing the roomy interior design, deep hull, quality materials and upscale amenities that are the hallmarks of the Cobalt name, the A36 takes luxury appointments and interface quality to an even higher level. Welcoming its passengers with buttery-soft padded surfaces and rich interior textures accented with stainless steel cupholders and bow rails, the A36 offers an array of standard upscale features, from a full instrument package and glass cockpit with digital Spyder controls, to panoramic cabin windows and premium cabinetry, along with a multimedia entertainment system that incorporates TV, iPod and cable provisioning. Lasting durability is enhanced by its rock-solid construction, with an all-composite floor and transom, a fiberglass stringer system and cockpit liner, galvanic protection and a completely hand-laid, Kevlar®-reinforced hull.

“A versatile boat that does everything well, the A36 is a full expression of luxury, quality, performance and customer-centric design,” said Paxson St. Clair, Cobalt’s President. “From its well-appointed cockpit and cabin to its bow lounges, it was created to envelop its owners and their guests in an environment that anticipates their every need,” he added.

The A36’s comprehensive list of nearly 50 options further enhances this theme of comfort and convenience, including air conditioning, a choice of Garmin radar systems, an autopilot, a transom shower, a cockpit refrigerator, a satellite weather system, a gasoline-powered generator, a VacuFlush toilet with macerator, underwater lighting, a full canvas enclosure package and even a flagpole. Aimed at meeting the needs and wants of the most discerning boater, the A36 is currently in production and is available through Cobalt’s World Class Dealer Network.

About Cobalt: Headquartered in Neodesha, KS, Cobalt Boats LLC, is a publicly owned, industry-leading manufacturer of luxury family day boats. Combining uncompromising product quality with customer-inspired innovation and value, Cobalt has earned an international reputation for unmatched customer satisfaction through its World Class Dealer Network.


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Monday, March 19, 2018

The Cobalt 30SC: An Innovative Revival of Tradition


Cobalt 30SC

Introducing the 30SC, the third in a series of remarkable watercraft, each representing Cobalt’s continuing contributions to the big return of outboard power. Cobalt sought to combine unmistakable luxury with the convenience, efficiency, and quiet, quiet performance of these new sophisticated outboard engines.

 Cobalt engineers understood that the simple slapping of a couple of high-horse outboards on the stern of any old hull could never make an outboard-boat worthy of the Cobalt name. So, the hull itself is completely redesigned to accommodate an outboard power source. And, of course, the hull is hand-laid, as Cobalt craftsmen layer in Kevlar reinforcement to the strongest construction in the industry, a hull made stronger still by composite structural components and Cobalt’s exclusive barrier coat.

Together, engines and hull combine in a boat especially quick out of the hole, easily able to cruise at speeds in the upper fifties. At the dock, the outboards prove their worth again, in a different benefit this time, as they show themselves essentially impervious to the woes of salt, easier to drain, easier to lift clean and safe out of the water.

 The 30SC welcomes guests aboard with a new simple, safe side-boarding step. Wet boardings astern come easily with Cobalt’s patented swim platform, below-the-waterline access with stainless steel grips. Look aft also for another Cobalt design exclusive, the spaciousness where, otherwise, the motor box would have intruded. Only Cobalt has made full use of the extra room afforded by external engine mounting.

 The standards of Cobalt design see new applications throughout the 30SC: in storage, in appliances and conveniences, in flexible seating, and in an entirely ergonomic cockpit – all in addition to the 30SC’s safer freeboard, its softer ride, its billowy turns, its maneuverability dockside.

 This year Cobalt celebrates fifty years of thoughtful workmanship, of a small-town work ethic striving every day toward perfection.


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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Cobalt Boats...Leading the Way!


Leading the way.

The 25SC isn't afraid to get salty and coupled with a luxury runabout feel, you get the best of both worlds.  The ability to lift the engine out of the water - and flush it while the boat is still afloat is an advantage for those weekend trips to the coast.  Yet at the same time, the 25SC does everything you expect from a luxury runabout and more. For more information on the 25SC, visit


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Monday, July 01, 2013

Cobalt’s Water Sports Series


In these days of endless sun and perpetual youth, the water holds a particular attraction for the athletic and the less-inhibited among us.  Cobalt’s Water Sports Series (WSS) boats have been built for friends and families who enjoy each other at speed, in the air, occasionally upside-down.

In addition to all the expected, all the traditional advantages of Cobalt design and manufacture – raw power, quickness to plane,  and stability in the turns, for example – the WSS boats bring along some special features sure to catch the practiced eye of  marine athletes and the good-hearted people who pull them around.

Let’s begin with the unglamorous but utterly necessary: Cobalt wakeboard racks from industry pioneer Roswell stash up to four boards safely up, up and out of the way, preserving precious interior storage space. Proven Roswell design meshes maximized functionality with clean chromed lines in a package at once fashionable and efficient. Look for cast-aluminum tines machined to exceptionally close tolerances with a reinforcing backing plate and protective rubber gaskets mechanically positioned, all to ensure lifetime strength, lifetime ease of use.  A three-position swivel comes standard on all Cobalt racks for convenient loading and unloading of boards – no damaging drops, no more leaning out over the gunnels to retrieve a board.

Okay.  Time to jump up and down.  Here comes the ski tower, ready to deliver the vertical lift necessary for airborne antics. Made of superstrong stainless-steel tubing (2” O.D.) all around – no aluminum whatsoever, the tower rises from backing plates structurally embedded in the fiberglass for rugged, durable, failsafe mounting. Welded grab handles emerge on each side. A bimini top creates generous headroom under a fully protective sunshade.

Let the acrobatics begin.

Accurate and consistent in its performance, easy and straightforward in its use, the Wakeboard Pro cruise control from PerfectPass helps even inexperienced drivers deliver smooth, predictable, essentially perfect rides to skiers and boarders. The Wakeboard Pro makes water sports more enjoyable, and simply so: just by preselecting a speed on the in-dash display and pulling the rider up as usual.  At the chosen speed, the Wakeboard Pro takes firm, precise control.

And get this!

A personalized screen shows riders’ names and preferred speeds, in addition to all the expected data from a digital speedometer and tach.

And up, down, and all around the WSS boats mean that famous Cobalt ride.

Do we hear applause astern?


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Monday, June 10, 2013

Build on, Neodesha.


In the little Kansas town of Neodesha a huge sign hangs over the entrance to the Cobalt plant: “Through these doors walk the best boatbuilders in the world.” Simple statement of a complex fact.

For owners of Cobalt boats the word “best” passes without contradiction.  Those proud owners’ confident assurance of Cobalt quality begins in the handiwork of their boats’ builders.  Key word: “builders”.  Not producers. Not assembly-line workers.  But builders – hands-on, personally engaged, personally responsible builders.  Craftspeople with demonstrated skills, an uncompromising ethic of work, and self-imposed standards of individual accountability.

Cobalt is approaching fifty years of building boats in the classic tradition.  We’re a throwback of sorts, a company of the insistent belief that the very best work is done by hand.  Of course, we understand the role that the tools of a digital age can play in the production of boats of immediate service and enduring value.  Machines can produce. They can produce just fine.  And we take rich advantage of the accuracies, the exact replications, the measurements of performance that emerging technologies make possible.

But only a knowledgeable, caring human being can build.

So we persist in the daily pursuit of the unreachable -- the design, manufacture, and ongoing support of the perfect runabout, the ideal performance cruiser. With our dealers worldwide, we give our minds and hearts to the winning of the hearts and minds of our customers.

And the results are these, tangible and unforgettable in a summer that lasts like laughter: the escaping ooohs and inescapable wows of sudden movement, a welcome if unasked amnesia, the cares of a workaday world whisked away in a nanosecond of spray, land-locked worries gone in the laughing thump to the chest that defines a good, good day.

Build on, Neodesha.


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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Add An Arch To Your Cobalt Dreams


You there at the marina, you on the beach absorbing a welcome sun, confess your fascination with arches.  Acknowledge the ooh-ah power of a marine arch, its implicit ability to turn heads and open jaws.

Of course, we feel the same sort of excitement upon first glimpse of our forward-facing arch. It’s proving a spectacular, spectacularly popular add-on, forward-facing, strong in use, and so very easy to fold afterward. And of course, Cobalt seeks to make the choosing easy, the new arch available on a wide variety of our boats, optional for BR Series models stretching from the 200 to the 262, standard on the 24 and 26SDWSS boats.

The engineered, so carefully planned benefit of the arch comes in the movement of the ski line to the boat’s highest point, at the top of the arch, where wakeboarders will find better pull all around, where beginning riders will find a much easier lift out of the water on those first, jittery, exhilarating seconds aboard a board. And tubers of the world, you will love . . . guaranteed . . . love being pulled from the tower because it makes for bigger air. The elation becomes yours, yours alone at the end of a rope leading to the best boats built in America.  Indeed, in the world.

Good looking and then some, the arch adds adventurous style to, say, a 220, making it, for all the world to see, like a much larger craft. Bear in mind too that the arch brings along a bimini top as part of the package.

And it folds. It folds. Easily, down to windshield height where storage becomes a non-issue. It will fold for your nine-year-old daughter, and then tomorrow at full mast it will take on the most rigorous boarding, the most difficult passage through rough water with not a bounce in sight.

Of course, rock ‘n roll speakers and hold-tight board racks come along as additional options. Look forward now, please. Add an arch to the Cobalt cruising there in your boatly dreams.


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Monday, May 06, 2013

This Is The Summer Of Building Dreams


One of the revolving headlines now on the Cobalt website invites you to an in-home showing of a new video entitled “Building Dreams.”  We underscore that invitation again here, asking that you gather the family for an enjoyable look at all the reasons why this coming summer will stand among your very best ever.  In Building Dreams the people behind these boats emerge from the plant in Neodesha to explain the ingredients of Cobalt value, from design rationales to raw materials to manufacturing processes to quality-control methodologies. A happy blend of the technical, the historical, and the merely gorgeous, “Building Dreams” will show how fiberglass and stainless steel and leather and glass gather toward the greatness of a Cobalt, how a fundamental passion for boating can lead to more than forty years of marine imagination, to thousands upon thousands upon thousands of happy hours on the water for successive generations of Cobalt owners.

Pack St. Clair, Cobalt’s founder and guiding light, introduces the video, and you’ll find in Pack’s easy warmth and quiet confidence the basis of Cobalt’s refusal to compromise on these boats’ design or construction. Cobalt’s second generation of leaders speak to the continuation of the founding principles to every Cobalt in succeeding model years, as the design and manufacturing principles of large yachts come to the building of small runabouts.

The video offers you a personalized walk-through, bow to stern, of the best boatbuilders in the world going about their daily responsibilities. From the lamination schedule of the fiberglass to the composite miracle that is the transom to the Kevlar at critical points of boatly strength, you’ll come away with a rich understanding of why your Cobalt, with proper care and maintenance of course, will perform through a lifetime of comfort and performance.  Look for fulsome discussion of Cobalt’s bill of materials, the more than 2500 individual parts which constitute a finished Cobalt. Line by line, the insistence comes on quality, quality and, later, more quality still.  A number of long-time Cobalt associates  -- and they are legion, generations of entire families working together here – speak to their jobs, day to day, asking always “the Pack question.”  “Would Pack St. Clair approve?  Would he buy off on the job I’ve just completed?’

Listen from title to credits for echoes of the Golden Rule.  It’s all so simple really: friends building boats for friends to sell to friends.


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Monday, April 29, 2013

The First Person In Gets The Best Spot


We’ve discussed awards here before, the recognition that comes Cobalt’s way from time to time, and we report these awards with all appropriate humility.  Whether from the marine industry for innovative design, or from J.D. Power and Associates for overall customer satisfaction, or from professional associations for the magnificent record of integrity and service compiled by our Cobalt dealers, these awards serve as a top-line reminder that we need to keep on keeping on.  Fact is, each of the plaques and statuettes in our trophy case represents Cobalt’s refusal to move away from our founding principles. Fact is, we continue to operate on a business model not much different from, no less sophisticated than the Golden Rule itself.

One of our more recent recognitions comes from The Wichita Business Journal, the weekly chronicle of all things commercial and industrial in South Central Kansas, where Cobalt Boats was chosen one of the five winners of the newspaper’s Best in Business competition, which assessed the companies’ revenue growth, community involvement, product innovation, and marketing prowess.   We quote a few statements from the article accompanying the announcement of Cobalt’s win.

“The corporate environment at Cobalt Boats in Neodesha can be felt even before you enter the building. Founder Pack St. Clair has strived to create a sense that no one job is more important than any other at the 45-year-old boat manufacturer. And it starts in the parking lot — where there is no assigned parking for any of the company’s 520 workers. ‘The first person in gets the best spot,” says CEO Paxson St. Clair. ‘That’s the attitude we have here. That culture that has been established here over the last 45 years has been the backbone of our success.’”

“Bill Wallisch, the company’s CFO, says, “If it’s not a quality product, it’s not going out.”

“I don’t think we could build Cobalt-quality products anywhere else (than Neodesha)” CEO Paxson St. Clair says. “This city has always been extremely supportive of us. It’s a great relationship.” That in turn helps Cobalt build great relationships with its customers, both existing and prospective.”

The best rules, like the best laws, are not particularly complicated.  Thomas Jefferson said so.  So do the people of Cobalt.  Treat everyone alike: with kindness, respect, and a wide, wide-open sense of possibility.

  • Look for the good in others.
  • Do your best. Day in. Day out.
  • Be true to your friends.
  • Love your family. 

All so very simple really.

And when the week’s work is done, when the last April boat has been built, the awards will take care of themselves.


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