Monday, June 30, 2014

Cobalt Boats: The Promise Keeper


We take pride in building the best boats on the water. However, when mistakes happen, we take even more responsibility for providing you with a warranty that goes unmatched to any other boat manufacturer. 

Our team at Southeast Marine Sales recently did a review on just how incredible our warranty is. Read more here:


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Friday, August 23, 2013

Relax, You Have a Cobalt Warranty


Pour yourself a nice glass of tea. Feeling comfortable? Good.

We're about to build your confidence in your Cobalt, in its ongoing ability to serve you and your family for a generation and more. Riding there with you across a chop that your Cobalt turns into glass come the skill and the conscientiousness of the best boat-builders in the world. Imagine them there with you: big Tim in fiberglass layup, the perfectionist Aubrey over in upholstery, the relentless Ms. Deborah watching quality-control at every step of your boat’s construction. While they were crafting you a boat, our associates in Neodesha have also built you an umbrella, the best and broadest insurance of quality in the industry, a warranty that stretches a full decade into your family’s best days together.

You have the St. Clair family standing squarely behind your Cobalt, just as you may rest assured of the integrity of Cobalt’s top managers and the skills of the hands-on, good-hearted, oh so capable doers on the Cobalt dealer team. You may relax.

The Cobalt warranty stands alone, out there on the horizon where no other marine manufacturer dares to cruise: ten-year protection on the hull and deck structure; five years on the engine, the drive, the electrical and fuel systems, the controls and instrumentation, the electronics, and every accessory stem to stern; three years of protection on the gelcoat, upholstery and canvas, and every component made by Cobalt.

Maybe you know this. Maybe your appreciation of the Cobalt warranty is rich and full.

Then again, maybe you don’t know the full story. Did you know that the warranty also covers $100 worth of towing, dockside assistance, pick-up and delivery of your Cobalt, or hoist and lift-out if you wish? Are you happily aware that, on every covered repair, we’re going to take care of taxes, shop supplies, lubricants, coolants, filters, spark plugs, hoses, clamps, belts, tuning of the engine and, as necessary, lake or sea trials? Did you know that you can transfer the warranty on your Cobalt to a new owner with the easy completion of a short form? We trust that we’ve given you some comfort. Your Cobalt is waiting, and you haven’t a single, solitary worry in the world.


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Monday, April 30, 2012

A New Frontier For Cobalt Boats


Those of you boating along the Gulf Coast will surely have noticed more and more Cobalt boat owners waving back at you on open water.  Over the past several years here in Neodesha, Kansas we’ve seen Cobalts obviously intended for saltwater use grow as a percentage of total sales, most especially in Florida’s coastal waters. You should know too that these sales increases have not been confined to our larger boats.  Far from it, in fact, as even the 200 has shown itself particularly adaptable to big water.

Cobalt hull design, our legendary exteneded running surface, give our smaller models huge advantages over competitive models of similar length. Advantages in smoothness of ride and overall manageability of the boat in rough ocean chop.  Those of you who frequent the on-line boating chatrooms – The Hull Truth, for example – will hear all sorts of discussion about the saltwater usage of boats of all sizes and configurations. A bottom-line value runs through that commentary: the quality of the manufacturer.

Regardless of add-ons, special saltwater-options packages, or particular preventive maintenance procedures, the craftsmanship of the boatbuilders and the seaworthiness of the boat’s raw materials determine your long-term satisfaction. End of song.

In this regard, as you continue to think about a boat for coastal ocean use, trot out the roster of Cobalt standards of construction applicable to your contentment today, to your sense of your wise self a decade from now: the Kevlar in the hull maybe with its Hydrolam processs, the profligate use of stainless steel – electropolished stainless steel, the tightly engineered integrity of the electrical system, the deep-V design, the closed cooling systems in all available powertrains.

In this last regard, our new owners in Florida and other Gulf States are fully engaged with revolutionary new responses to the corrosive effects of salt water on engines and drives – the Ocean-X option from Volvo Penta and Seacore from MerCruiser.  A visit with your nearest Cobalt dealer begins the details of the discussion.  Matey.


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