Monday, March 19, 2018

The Cobalt 30SC: An Innovative Revival of Tradition


Cobalt 30SC

Introducing the 30SC, the third in a series of remarkable watercraft, each representing Cobalt’s continuing contributions to the big return of outboard power. Cobalt sought to combine unmistakable luxury with the convenience, efficiency, and quiet, quiet performance of these new sophisticated outboard engines.

 Cobalt engineers understood that the simple slapping of a couple of high-horse outboards on the stern of any old hull could never make an outboard-boat worthy of the Cobalt name. So, the hull itself is completely redesigned to accommodate an outboard power source. And, of course, the hull is hand-laid, as Cobalt craftsmen layer in Kevlar reinforcement to the strongest construction in the industry, a hull made stronger still by composite structural components and Cobalt’s exclusive barrier coat.

Together, engines and hull combine in a boat especially quick out of the hole, easily able to cruise at speeds in the upper fifties. At the dock, the outboards prove their worth again, in a different benefit this time, as they show themselves essentially impervious to the woes of salt, easier to drain, easier to lift clean and safe out of the water.

 The 30SC welcomes guests aboard with a new simple, safe side-boarding step. Wet boardings astern come easily with Cobalt’s patented swim platform, below-the-waterline access with stainless steel grips. Look aft also for another Cobalt design exclusive, the spaciousness where, otherwise, the motor box would have intruded. Only Cobalt has made full use of the extra room afforded by external engine mounting.

 The standards of Cobalt design see new applications throughout the 30SC: in storage, in appliances and conveniences, in flexible seating, and in an entirely ergonomic cockpit – all in addition to the 30SC’s safer freeboard, its softer ride, its billowy turns, its maneuverability dockside.

 This year Cobalt celebrates fifty years of thoughtful workmanship, of a small-town work ethic striving every day toward perfection.


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