Finely Detailed Interiors
  • Hand-Sewn Double-Needle Interior Details
  • 32oz. vinyl with protective barrier coat
  • Multiple densities of antimicrobial foam
  • StarBoard/Kelron wood-free seat bases
Superior Construction
  • Gelcoat Graphics
  • Barrier Coat - A Cobalt Exclusive
  • 100% Hand-Laid Hulls with Kevlar Reinforcement
  • Composite Structural Components
  • 954 buffback gelcoat to resist fading
  • Tapped aluminum backing plates on all thru- bolted hardware
  • Composite transom
  • Fiberglass stringer system
  • Gas assist struts on all hatch covers
Luxury is Not Made of Plastic
  • Aluminum dash panel
  • Solid fiberglass helm station
  • Digital instrumentation
  • GPS offering on all models
  • Stainless ignition switch
  • Stainless steel switches
  • Circuit breaker protection
  • Dual grounding busses
  • Waterproof electrical connectors

Deep Rooted Beauty
The interior of your Cobalt is designed for years of service. Long a hallmark of Cobalt construction, our interiors speak of timeless good taste, a subtle elegance made possible only by hand-craftsmanship, by design that anticipates the needs and wishes of its users. Not only are the interiors beautiful, but they have been crafted with materials that will surpass expectations of endurance, and rinse and be rinsed back to the original beauty – time and time again.
The Cobalt Swim Platform
  • Easy entry into water and back onto the boat
  • Protection from the propeller
  • Full Wraparound Safety Handholds
  • Cobalt Exclusieve Flip Down Swim Step
  • A-Series Hydraulic Deployable Swim Platform 
Real World Solutions (a.k.a. Industry Firsts)
  • Auto-Retracting Docklines
  • Quick-Release Fender Cleats
  • Adjustable Bimini Poles
  • Double-Knuckle Hinges
  • Flip-Lip Seating
  • Bow Scuff Plates
  • Windshield Door Latch
  • Terry Velour Seat Covers
  • Pop-Up Ski Tow

Interior Versatility and Comfort
  • Easily Convertible
  • Ergonomic Comfort

Swim Platform Functionality
Cobalt swim platforms are large, welcoming and safe, suspended low, just above the waterline for easy use all around. Oversized, polished stainless steel tubing wraps every platform to protect the boat around the docks and to proffer a waiting hand-hold for swimmers, now safely away from the boat's propeller.
  • High Freeboard
  • Deep Bow and Cockpit Seating
  • Propeller Protection
  • Oversized Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Drier Ride in Rough Water

Hulls Designed for Smooth and Soft Ride
  • Deep Deadrise at the Right Spots
  • Extended Running Surface  and Reverse Chines
    for Ultimate Control

Unrivaled Handling
  • Quick On-Plane Acceleration Without Losing Sight Of The Water
  • Stay On Plane At Low Speed
  • Cornering "On Rails"
  • High Speed Stability


Performance for a Lifetime
Regardless of sea conditions, the award winning ride of the Cobalt hull design stands ready, willing, and able. Whether it's 2-foot chop in the bay or 4-foot seas off the cape, your Cobalt can handle the test. Unlike our rivals, Cobalt does not use machine applied chopped strand fiberglass in the hull. Cobalt boats have 16 overlapping fiberglass layers at the keel, and each layer is hand laid. Cobalt's fiberglass includes a proprietary Z-Thane barrier coat for improved blister resistance. Instead of wood, with its potential for deterioration, a honeycomb composite core and fabrications stringer system optimize the strength-to-weight ratio, sound deadening and eliminates the possibility of wood rot. While other builders are content with decals, Cobalt molds all graphics into the fiberglass. Dish it out, a Cobalt can take it.
 Equipment and specifications are subject to change.
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