Cobalt Sterndrive vs. Inboard/V-Drive
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More Introduction
Smooth Ride
  More Versatile Trim Range
More Trim Up for a Smooth Ride
  More Smooth Those Rough Waves
More Fuel Efficient Operation
  Wasted Thrust Wastes Money!
  More Reduce Resistance by Trimming Up
  More Two Props are Better Than One
  More Burn Up to 70% Less Fuel!
More Boat For Your Money
  More Higher Off the Water = Drier Ride
Watersports, Without the Sacrifice
  More Naturally Designed for Excellent Wakes
  More Low Bowrise = Safe Hole Shots
Faster Speed
  More Go Faster!
Shallower Draft When You Need It
  More Avoid Propeller Damage
Powertrain Warranty
  More Cobalt Provides 5 Years of Protection

More Fuel Efficient Operation with a Cobalt.

Wasted Thrust Wastes Money.

Since you can trim a Cobalt's propellers, you get all of your thrust propelling you in the right direction. Most inboard propellers are stuck pointing about 13 degrees down, even though the boat moves parallel across the water. The inboard's fixed downward thrust angle constantly force the bow down. The result: a rougher ride, plus wasted thrust, efficiency, and money.

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