Cobalt Sterndrive vs. Inboard/V-Drive

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More Introduction
Smoother Ride
  More Ability to Trim
More Fuel Efficient
  More Lower Fuel Burn Rate
  More Higher Speed at lower RPM
  MoreLower Cockpit Sound Levels
Water Borne Activities
  More Effortless Access
Drivetrain Durability
  More Protection From Debris
Warranty Protection
  More Hull & Structural
  More Powertrain
  More Other Components

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Performance with a Cobalt sterndrive is noticeably better than inboards/V-drives since the propeller is pushing the boat at optimum angles (for fuel efficiency, rough water ride, top-end speed, and acceleration). A Cobalt is propelled through the water by a trimmable sterndrive system which allows the driver to adjust his or her direction of thrust (both up-and-down as well as side-to-side). The ability to adjust your trim (thrust angle) provides tremendous advantages over an inboard or V-drive ski/wakeboard boat. Explore the menu selection at left to better understand why!

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