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The luxury and lifestyle a Cobalt boat provides isn’t just a promise—it’s a reality. Read real owner reviews, in their own words.

Now that Cobalt has come up with a surfing option, there is no need to own one of those ridiculously heavy and inefficient “wakeboard boats.” We love having the quality and efficiency of a Cobalt AND being able to surf. It feels good to be back in a Cobalt.

When deciding to purchase my new boat I reviewed 3 boats in the 27’ class at the boat show. Regal, Chaparral & Cobalt. After test driving all 3 models the operation and smoothness of Cobalt’s shifters, engine & ride made the decision easy. The difference in price directly correlates to the difference in quality

Very well made, excellent design, quality materials, comfortable ride, amenities galore.

This is my second cobalt and it is even more special than the first. There’s nothing on the water that comes close to the quality and performance of a cobalt. There is cobalt, and then everything else Once you have experienced owning a cobalt everything else is a compromise

Style, value and a quality reputation that makes the investment easier than most other boats.

Can’t believe how smooth this boat is on the waves, the luxury combined with the multipurpose use for our family. So smart with little things like the door to block the wind.

The cobalt quality is excellent! Cobalt design makes it so easy for first time buyers. The ride and handling are fantastic! We love our cobalt!

The best non-custom-built boat you can buy. Don’t sacrifice on quality or the customer service by going somewhere else.

This is our first Cobalt and we have not been disappointed. We love our Cobalt 30sc and just enjoyed our first full boating season with no issues. We live in Florida and want a larger boat for intercoastal use, had heard a lot about Cobalt’s quality, and purchased locally from Legendary Marina. Great experience!

The quality, finish, and design of Cobalt boats is the reason we bought ours. It has more than exceed our expectations.

For how and where I use a boat, there is simply no better product on the market. Loaded with thoughtful and useful features, beautiful design and rock-solid construction, my Cobalt gives me joy every time I use it. This is my third Cobalt, and anything else at this point would be a compromise.

Our 2021 CS23 is the perfect boat for our family. It does it all from just getting around the lake to wakeboarding to swimming hole fun. Her lines are a fantastic blend of modern and classic, and turns heads everywhere we go!

I read and heard about the workmanship and quality parts that go into each boat, and the design really was a buying factor. So happy with the purchase and everywhere I go I get positive comments. The dealer I felt with was so professional and caring to me as a customer.

There is no comparable boat to Cobalt in terms of fit, form, finish, style or quality. Add all of that to outstanding re-sell value the total cost of ownership of a Cobalt boat is unmatched by any other boat or manufacturer.

I could see the quality in the Cobalt I saw prior to buying one. It stood out. From that point on, it was only one boat for me – the Cobalt!


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