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The luxury and lifestyle a Cobalt boat provides isn’t just a promise—it’s a reality. Read real owner reviews, in their own words.

My Cobalt dealership team have gone above and beyond to ensure we’ve had a fantastic boating experience.

My family & I love our new R7 Cobalt boat. Boating is truly a family affair. This is our 3rd boat 2nd Cobalt. This one is the best

Couldn’t be happier with our R6 surf amazing boat and has been a great investment.

We got the new R6 for the family. We went a bit overboard (pun intended) with the Volvo 430 HP and the top-of-the-line sound system. It paid off! We live in Colorado with a short season. The new engine bought us an extra month on the water. After 22 years of marriage, even the wife thinks I’m sexy again!

When deciding to purchase my new boat I reviewed 3 boats in the 27’ class at the boat show. Regal, Chaparral & Cobalt. After test driving all 3 models the operation and smoothness of Cobalt’s shifters, engine & ride made the decision easy. The difference in price directly correlates to the difference in quality

The cobalt quality is excellent! Cobalt design makes it so easy for first time buyers. The ride and handling are fantastic! We love our cobalt!

This is our first Cobalt and we have not been disappointed. We love our Cobalt 30sc and just enjoyed our first full boating season with no issues. We live in Florida and want a larger boat for intercoastal use, had heard a lot about Cobalt’s quality, and purchased locally from Legendary Marina. Great experience!

I love my Cobalt R8 – on the Swiss lakes the ideal boat.

Love the multi-use capability for pleasure cruising on Lake Tahoe and wake surfing. Surf model has a definite feeling of a high-end luxury boat. Volvo Penta engine is flawless and digital screens at the helm are wonderful!

We have owned 20 different boats but Cobalt is the ultimate water experience.

I had my eye on Cobalt for several years and finally made the purchase 2 seasons ago and could not be happier with the overall quality and performance.

Extraordinary boat and brand – my guests have called it the “Bentley of the Lake”… Stunning boat to look, and fun boat to drive, especially the handling. It feels like a much smaller sport boat – larger on the inside than it is on the outside, turns on a dime, and and quiet on the water!

For how and where I use a boat, there is simply no better product on the market. Loaded with thoughtful and useful features, beautiful design and rock-solid construction, my Cobalt gives me joy every time I use it. This is my third Cobalt, and anything else at this point would be a compromise.

This is my second cobalt and it is even more special than the first. There’s nothing on the water that comes close to the quality and performance of a cobalt. There is cobalt, and then everything else Once you have experienced owning a cobalt everything else is a compromise

I’ve known the Cobalt name and quality my entire life and knew when it came time for me to buy a new boat, no question it was going to be a Cobalt.


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