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The luxury and lifestyle a Cobalt boat provides isn’t just a promise—it’s a reality. Read real owner reviews, in their own words.

For how and where I use a boat, there is simply no better product on the market. Loaded with thoughtful and useful features, beautiful design and rock-solid construction, my Cobalt gives me joy every time I use it. This is my third Cobalt, and anything else at this point would be a compromise.

When deciding to purchase my new boat I reviewed 3 boats in the 27’ class at the boat show. Regal, Chaparral & Cobalt. After test driving all 3 models the operation and smoothness of Cobalt’s shifters, engine & ride made the decision easy. The difference in price directly correlates to the difference in quality

Every time I turn the key on my Cobalt, I feel assured that the boat will start and create hours of enjoyment and reliability. Anytime I ride in another brand boat, I appreciate my Cobalt even more.

I have spoken to many boat owners before purchasing my boat and I wanted a boat with dependability for years to come a brand known for craftsmanship and a boat that has a high resale. When these questions were asked the one brand name that came back was Cobalt.

There is an appreciable improvement in all aspects of my Cobalt vs. my prior boat. Design, style, performance and pride of ownership. Truly an exceptional watercraft.

Have my 3rd Cobalt ordered, can’t beat the Mercedes of boats.

The most solid boat in the water I have ever driven.

I’ve known the Cobalt name and quality my entire life and knew when it came time for me to buy a new boat, no question it was going to be a Cobalt.

Cobalt is all about Quality and Comfort. I have owned many other boats and I can say Cobalt is the best.

We love Cobalt. We’re on our second one; and first new one. We love the mix of the smooth ride, swim platform and surf capabilities. It is a true luxury item.

Local dealer reputation and quality, timely service made the decision easy. Was 1st boat purchase and they have taken wonderful care of me since purchase.

I love my Cobalt R8 – on the Swiss lakes the ideal boat.

This is our first Cobalt and we have not been disappointed. We love our Cobalt 30sc and just enjoyed our first full boating season with no issues. We live in Florida and want a larger boat for intercoastal use, had heard a lot about Cobalt’s quality, and purchased locally from Legendary Marina. Great experience!

We loved our old boat and knew it would be a tough act to follow. Our new Cobalt R6 has stepped up to the challenge and has not disappointed in anyway. The quality of the Cobalt is everything I envisioned. The ride and versatility of the boat is amazing.

My family has owned Cobalt boats almost exclusively since the 70’s. This is personally my second. Still best in class product. Having strong dealer sales and service support is also key.


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