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Double photo of an Cobalt A29 coming out of mold and Team Lead Ryan Millar

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The luxury and lifestyle a Cobalt boat provides isn’t just a promise—it’s a reality. Read real owner reviews, in their own words.

The boat is exceptionally well made with top quality materials. Will certainly look at Cobalt again when making my next boat purchase.

There is no comparable boat to Cobalt in terms of fit, form, finish, style or quality. Add all of that to outstanding re-sell value the total cost of ownership of a Cobalt boat is unmatched by any other boat or manufacturer.

The best part about owning a cobalt is the little attention to details that make it better. It just feels nicer.

High quality, superior finishes more than you could ever expect.

Cobalt Boats are one of a kind. I have never owned anything but a Cobalt because of the flawless features, exceptional attention to detail, and highest quality of materials you can use when manufacturing a boat.

I Love my Cobalt and my dealer and all of the employees know me and are always there to help and make my Cobalt experience even more special. Thank You!

Local dealer reputation and quality, timely service made the decision easy. Was 1st boat purchase and they have taken wonderful care of me since purchase.

Cobalt’s warranty is one of the best. Their boats are high quality. Their design is top notch. I have two cobalt boats in two different locations. That’s how much I like Cobalt boats. I’ve owned four.

This is my second cobalt and it is even more special than the first. There’s nothing on the water that comes close to the quality and performance of a cobalt. There is cobalt, and then everything else Once you have experienced owning a cobalt everything else is a compromise

Very happy with the purchase of my Cobalt CS23. No regrets. It is the size and power I wanted, and runs very solid. In many cases you get what you pay for, Cobalt is the perfect example of this. Pricey boat, but worth every penny.

My family has owned Cobalt boats almost exclusively since the 70’s. This is personally my second. Still best in class product. Having strong dealer sales and service support is also key.

Cobalt provides outsanding quality and attention to detail. As a new boat owner, we are very glad to have choosen a Cobalt boat.

Couldn’t be happier with our R6 surf amazing boat and has been a great investment.

This is my 3rd Cobalt and all have been fantastic. But the R6 is by far the best as the electronics are great and the performance surprised me as to how well it responds.

For how and where I use a boat, there is simply no better product on the market. Loaded with thoughtful and useful features, beautiful design and rock-solid construction, my Cobalt gives me joy every time I use it. This is my third Cobalt, and anything else at this point would be a compromise.


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