As a Cobalt boat owner, you’re familiar with the luxury and performance that makes owning a Cobalt such a rewarding experience. But we want your experience outside of your boat to be exceptional as well. Use the resources below to find digital access to past and present owner’s manuals, helpful articles all about your boat through our extensive Knowledge Base, Cobalt warranty details, and frequently asked questions from owners like you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To order parts, contact your local Cobalt dealer, supply them with your serial number, and a description of the parts needed. The transaction, in most cases, can take place via telephone and parts can be drop-shipped to you with the use of a credit card for payment.

Cobalt Boats will strive to keep most parts for a minimum of seven years; however, vendor constraints do play a part in this. Cobalt does keep emblems and decals in stock dating back to the 1971 model year, subject to availability. To obtain part information, contact your local Cobalt dealer, supply them with your serial number, and a description of the parts needed.

Please contact your local Cobalt dealer for availability. Or, please try one of the following links:
Swim Platforms:
Bimini/Mooring Covers:
Flooring Options:
Cushions/Canvas: *Custom made
Misc. Parts:,

You can obtain Blue Book pricing on your Cobalt, 1986 to present, by visiting

To transfer warranty, contact your local Cobalt dealer and ask them to provide you with a Cobalt Warranty Transfer Form, or download this PDF form. This form can be completed and mailed to:

Cobalt Boats
1715 N 8th St.
Neodesha, Kansas 66757

You can access a PDF of your specific manual by using the Owner’s Manual Download section on current page.

Gelcoat or gelcoat patch kits are available for models built from 1973 to the present from Gel Coat Products, 958 N 127th, Seattle, Washington, 98133. Their phone number is 206-781-1162. Visit or for more information.

Call 1-800-637-2879 or visit

Call 1-800-522-1959 or visit the Volvo Penta Dealer Locator on their website.

Call 1-866-894-1626 or visit the Yamaha Outboards Dealer Locator on their website.

Cobalt Boats factory tours are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays by appointment only. You can request a tour (via this form) of our factory in Neodesha, Kansas to see firsthand the pride of craftsmanship that goes into each and every Cobalt Boat. Join a factory representative as you walk through each stage of production in our state-of-the-art facilities and learn about our innovative manufacturing processes and company history.

Any Yamaha, Mercury, or Volvo servicing dealer can perform routine maintenance, winterizing, summarizing, or engine work on your Cobalt. If your Cobalt is still under warranty, Cobalt would prefer you take your Cobalt to an authorized dealer for boat-related repairs. If you have moved, contact your selling Cobalt dealer for further information about Cobalt dealers in your new boating area.

Click here for our dealer locator: Locate Your Dealer

Cobalt Boats does not offer service manuals; however, Cobalt has owner’s manuals available to download in the Owner’s Manual Download section on this current page. For any engine service information, please contact your dealer.

Please visit

Please visit

Due to many reasons including, but not limited, to variances in altitude, temperature and load conditions, Cobalt unfortunately is not able to provide this information. Please contact your local Cobalt Boats dealer for this information.

Please reference your owner’s manual or download a version in the Owner’s Manual Download section on this current page.

We do not sell or manufacture trailers. Please contact your local or selling Cobalt dealer as they should be able to match your boat and needs to the trailer that will best suit you.

Mercruiser: Call 1-920-929-5040, or go online at
Volvo: Call 1-800-522-1959, or go online at
Yamaha: Call 1-866-894-1626, or go online at

Cobalt Boats can only CE certify boats when they are ordered and built with those requirements. Once the boat leaves our facility, it is up to the owner to contact the country authorities for their ruling on boats coming into their country that are not CE certified. If the boat can be certified, it is the owner’s responsibility to meet the country’s requirements.


Learn more about your specific Cobalt Boat’s warranty details or find out how to contact your Cobalt Dealer regarding written warranty service questions.

Download Resources

Owner Manuals

Digital versions of the standard Cobalt Owner’s Manuals are included with each new Cobalt. To inquire about printed versions, or for model years not shown, see your area Cobalt Dealer.

Downloaded as PDF* file and requires a current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader or suitable browser plug-in. Average download size: 11MB for more recent years.

Current Boat Model Brochures

Learn about any of our current Cobalt boat models’ specifications, features, innovations, and more by downloading a digital version of your dream model’s brochure.

Full-Line Brochure Archive

Back issues of our full line brochures as PDF* file downloads. Requires a current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader or suitable browser plug-in.

(Average download size: 15MB for more recent years.)