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Cobalt Time Capsule

It isn't just a contest; it's a journey through generations...

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R35 Outboard

Experience Extraordinary Luxury on the Water.

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R8 Surf

When you remember life’s important moments.

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Cobalt Time Capsule

It isn't just a contest; it's a journey through generations...

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R35 Sterndrive

Take Command of Your Personal Voyage of Discovery

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R6 Surf

With Surf Gate™ for the most dynamic wake surfing possible.

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Follow the creation of a Cobalt Boat – go behind the scenes on Cobalt’s production line and see first-hand how they are made!

Double photo of an Cobalt A29 coming out of mold and Team Lead Ryan Millar

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The luxury and lifestyle a Cobalt boat provides isn’t just a promise—it’s a reality. Read real owner reviews, in their own words.

My family & I love our new R7 Cobalt boat. Boating is truly a family affair. This is our 3rd boat 2nd Cobalt. This one is the best

I purchased a Cobalt 25SC in May. This was the first boat that I have ever owned and I couldn’t have made a better choice! The quality and ride are excellent.

Couldn’t be happier with our R6 surf amazing boat and has been a great investment.

COBALT provides me with HP to pull older grandkids; perfect for socializing on lake and excellent interior layout

When deciding to purchase my new boat I reviewed 3 boats in the 27’ class at the boat show. Regal, Chaparral & Cobalt. After test driving all 3 models the operation and smoothness of Cobalt’s shifters, engine & ride made the decision easy. The difference in price directly correlates to the difference in quality

We got the new R6 for the family. We went a bit overboard (pun intended) with the Volvo 430 HP and the top-of-the-line sound system. It paid off! We live in Colorado with a short season. The new engine bought us an extra month on the water. After 22 years of marriage, even the wife thinks I’m sexy again!

Cobalt provides outsanding quality and attention to detail. As a new boat owner, we are very glad to have choosen a Cobalt boat.

Love the multi-use capability for pleasure cruising on Lake Tahoe and wake surfing. Surf model has a definite feeling of a high-end luxury boat. Volvo Penta engine is flawless and digital screens at the helm are wonderful!

I have spoken to many boat owners before purchasing my boat and I wanted a boat with dependability for years to come a brand known for craftsmanship and a boat that has a high resale. When these questions were asked the one brand name that came back was Cobalt.

We love Cobalt. We’re on our second one; and first new one. We love the mix of the smooth ride, swim platform and surf capabilities. It is a true luxury item.

There is no comparable boat to Cobalt in terms of fit, form, finish, style or quality. Add all of that to outstanding re-sell value the total cost of ownership of a Cobalt boat is unmatched by any other boat or manufacturer.

This is our second Cobalt. Lot of value for the money. Candlewood East is very professional and makes buying a boat easy as always. The service department is great.

Cobalt is all about Quality and Comfort. I have owned many other boats and I can say Cobalt is the best.

Our 2021 CS23 is the perfect boat for our family. It does it all from just getting around the lake to wakeboarding to swimming hole fun. Her lines are a fantastic blend of modern and classic, and turns heads everywhere we go!

This is my second cobalt and it is even more special than the first. There’s nothing on the water that comes close to the quality and performance of a cobalt. There is cobalt, and then everything else Once you have experienced owning a cobalt everything else is a compromise


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