With Cobalt’s revolutionary surf system, Custom Wave Technology powered by Volvo Penta, you get the combination of Malibu Surf Gate™ with an explicitly designed surf hull, the Volvo FWD powertrain, and multiple hard ballast tanks that can have as much as 2,350 pounds of ballast. Plus, select your rider profile and the system will automatically configure the boat per the pre-saved profile setting. The result is a best-in-class wave that will even compete with some competition towboats.

Volvo Penta FWD

Cobalt’s Custom Wave Technology begins with the Volvo Penta FWD powertrain, uniquely engineered with forward-facing Duoprops positioned well under the boat for added safety. The counter-rotating props pull the boat through the water rather than pushing it, resulting in better bite, acceleration, and speed in a more efficient, smooth way, increasing fuel economy. Because the Forward Drive is under the boat, there’s less noise and exhaust, meaning more comfort. The adjustment of drive trim is also one of the single biggest factors to quickly adjusting a wave to your liking.

Surf Controls

Driving with the Cobalt Custom Wave Technology couldn’t be easier. Just turn on Speed control. This is the “ON and OFF” for your surf system. Select your rider profile and the system will automatically configure the boat per the pre-saved profile setting—ballast, drive trim, speed, surf left or surf right. Cobalt is set up with two starter profiles: Mellow and Steep. These will give you a starting point for setting up your wave. Then when the surfer is ready, put the throttle down and the boat will automatically adjust to the profile surf settings and speed. With the touch of the surf button on the dual Garmin Glass Cockpit touchscreen, the driver can switch the surf wave from right to left, even while underway.

Surf Gate

Surf Gate™ is the dominant surf technology in the industry—and for good reason. Using high-speed hydraulic actuators, Surf Gate™ creates an endless surfable wave on either side of the boat. Just ask the pros—they’ll tell you Surf Gate™ creates the longest, highest, cleanest wave with the best push out there. Get back as far as you want or as close as you want. While several sterndrive brands have models outfitted with ballast and some form of surf mechanism, Cobalt is the only brand that has integrated the best-in-class Surf Gate™ technology with a specifically designed surf hull form and Volvo FWD powertrain to generate the world-class wave that will absolutely rival some of the best competition towboats on the market.

Surf Ballast

Your Cobalt surf boat has multiple hard ballast tanks and can have as much as 2,350 pounds of ballast. The hard ballast tanks allow you to better scale the wake and wave for all ages and ability levels. Remember that additional weight in the boat doesn’t always translate to a good surf wave. The general rule for surfing in a Cobalt is to fill all the ballast tanks in accordance with your boat loading—such as if you have two people in the boat you can fill the ballast all the way up. But if you have 10 people in the boat, perhaps you only need the ballast tanks a quarter full.