Sportswear and More

The Cobalt Sports Store

If you’re interested in the boating lifestyle, spend a little time at the Cobalt Sports Store, found online at Offering a range of fun and useful boating-related merchandise, the Sports Store features select items to enhance your wardrobe or accessorize your boat, from clothing to fender covers to wine glasses to use with your bottle of Cobalt (or other) fine wine. Whether your favorite Cobalt fan wants something as common as a license plate holder or as rare as a handcrafted wine opener, you’ll find it at the Cobalt Sports Store.

What to Wear

Apparel items include neck gaiters, and men’s and women’s T-shirts, thermal tees, tank tops, polos, hoodies, fleeces, outerwear and dress shirts, along with men’s swim trunks and socks and ladies’ skirts. There’s even a bandana for your four-legged best friend, so they can stay warm or cool down on your next excursion.

Helpful Boating Aids

Practical items to use onboard your Cobalt include custom fender lines, fender covers, dock lines, marque plates, stainless steel tumblers and mugs, acrylic glasses, a clever seahorse hanger for your tower, a stainless steel hitch cover, a Cobalt backpack, an array of soft-side coolers, a Cobalt burgie, waterproof kit bags, croakies to keep your sunglasses in place, a unique water saddle and even a floating key chain.


To shade your eyes and keep the sun off your face, the Cobalt Store carries a full array of headwear, from twill, trucker, snapback and crew caps, to visors, beanies and even a toddler-sized cap for your youngest passengers.

Wine Not?

Given our founder’s interest in producing fine wines, Cobalt even offers a well-crafted Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon produced and marketed through a venture between Pack St. Clair, our first owner and CEO, and the Sherwin family, California winemakers for some 30 years. Wine lovers can enjoy the current offering of bottles, cases or gift-boxed crates of Cobalt Cab from 2005 to 2017, along with such wine accessories as two-bottle totes and etched Cobalt wine glasses.


If you have a suggestion for other Cobalt items, we’re interested! Contact us at and we’ll be glad to research items that your fellow Cobalt owners might enjoy!