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Wake Surfing Responsibly

As I am sure you know, Wake Surfing has taken over boating sports in the last few years, far surpassing skiing, and knee boarding. This is a result of it being the most forgiving towing sport while still being challenging. All age groups are enjoying this exciting aspect of boating from toddlers to us older folks.

As a result, there have been instances where the wake provided by boats designed for Surfing have created grief for landowners on their docks and waterfront.

The Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA) has put together a program which we endorse. Look at their website:

To summarize, there are three (3) points to consider:

  • Stay at least two hundred feet away from the shoreline, docks, or other structures.
    • 2/3rds the length of a football field.
    • Using the center of the lake is the best if possible, staying away from shoreline.
  • Keep the stereo at reasonable levels.
    • Do not forget sound travels much better over the water than it does land.
    • If your stereo is turned up for someone to hear it 75 or 80ft behind the boat, the landowners can hear it as well.
    •  The Surfer is much closer to the back of the boat than if he/she were wake boarding or skiing and therefore the volume does not need to be near as high for surfing.
  • Minimize repetitive passes.
    • Do not keep going back and forth over the same path. Be sensitive to land/dock owners and their private property.
    • Once a pass is completed, move on to a different area of the lake.

We all want to be good neighbors both on the water and off. We are responsible for the wake our boat produces and want to make sure we do not jeopardize our sport on the water.