Cobalt Boat’s “Perfect Attendance Jackpot” is designed to reward team members that maintain perfect attendance day after day, month after month. Criteria are set up to earn one chance per month for the bi-annual drawing of $10,000. Each month of perfect attendance enters a team member one chance, with the ability to earn six chances. It’s possible that someone with only one chance in the drawing could be the lucky winner. Two winners will be drawn each January and July for a total of four winners annually.


Being able to give out two $10,000 checks to employees is incredibly gratifying

Jason Turner, Cobalt Boats President


Absences occur for a variety of reasons — many important to the individual’s well-being and sometimes to surrounding teammates’ as well. The Jackpot program doesn’t have exceptions or attempt to place any relative value on different types of absences; instead, it recognizes that these will occur and accommodates by allowing employees a new opportunity for a chance in the drawing each month. It operates in full alignment with the high standards we place on employee health & safety

The Jackpot program upholds Cobalt’s quest to be the employer of choice by recognizing and rewarding team members with stellar commitment and performance. The jackpot drawing debut was kicked off with an inspiring address by Ritchie Anderson, Chief Operations Officer, followed by the highly anticipated drawing and capped off with a festive confetti blower. Our first winners are Jeremy Baird from Cruiser Assembly and Nathaniel Altis from Small Boat Assembly.

Cobalt Boats is excited to continue this initiative as we strive to be the top employer in Neodesha and the surrounding area.


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