Cobalt Boats Hosts Factory Tour for U.S. Congressman Roger Marshall

The Representative from Kansas’ First Congressional District enjoyed a special trip through the Cobalt factory to learn more about the company and its contributions to the economy of southeast Kansas

NEODESHA, Kan., Aug. 27, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Last week, Cobalt Boats had the pleasure of hosting the Honorable Roger Marshall, U.S Congressman from Kansas, who visited the company to tour the factory and visit with company executives and associates. The Congressman arranged the tour after Cobalt was selected as a ‘Made In America’ business by President Donald Trump and invited to a White House reception in Washington, DC, in late July. Congressman Marshall and his military affairs staff member Tyler Mason were eager to learn more about Cobalt and its milestone recognition, and they followed their tour by meeting with the president of Cobalt Boats, Shane Stanfill, to learn more about the company’s multi-phase plant expansion, as well as any issues or obstacles to growth that they might be able to address.

Congressman Marshall was also curious about how the White House reception had gone and was gratified to learn that President Trump was engaged during his meeting with Cobalt executives and seemed very excited about the Kansas-made Cobalt products.

The Congressman was effusive in his praise for Cobalt, the industry leader in the luxury sporting boat market. “Growing up on Kansas’ El Dorado Lake, I cannot remember a better-looking boat than Cobalt. Built in Neodesha, Cobalt Boats has set the standard for American-made boats for over 50 years, producing a quality product, from beginning to end, right here in Kansas. I appreciated the opportunity to tour the facility and meet the great folks at Cobalt,” he said.

“We were very pleased to host Congressman Marshall and his team,” said Shane Stanfill. “In addition to providing him with details about our employment numbers and manufacturing processes, we were able to show him how important the interpersonal connection between our people is to our success, especially with their shared commitment to doing great work every day,” he noted.

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