Deck and Hull Cleaning and Care


The finish on your Cobalt boat is known as gelcoat. The gelcoat used by Cobalt Boats is the finest available on the market today. With all its properties, it is not impervious to the elements and many types of water conditions.

Cleaning Deck and Hull

A multi-purpose boat soap* should be used to clean exterior fiberglass/gelcoat surfaces on your Cobalt boat after each use. This product, depending upon the ratio mixed, is designed to clean anything from dirty hulls and decks to greasy engines. Always rinse and wipe off the finish with a damp towel or chamois. A fiberglass restorer/wax* should be used to remove heavy oxidation, characterized by a chalk/faded surface as well as rust and exhaust stains. This product will not only remove the oxidation, but also leaves a wax protection on the cleaned surface in one easy application.

Deck and Hull Care

Paste wax* will help retard UV light damage. We suggest three coats be applied at the end or the beginning of the season, depending on the type of winter boat storage (covered, enclosed storage facility), and again mid-season.

To extend the life of your gelcoat finish, use a Cobalt marine mooring cover totally covering the top deck of the boat for maximum protection. Additionally, if your boat is to be stored where the sun is constantly on the side or transom of the boat, you should consider having some custom skirting made to complement the mooring cover.

Tonneau covers will supply adequate short term protection to the interior, but will not protect the gelcoat finish. Please check with your authorized Cobalt dealer for more information on the subject.


 * 3M carries a complete line of fiberglass care products.