Cobalt Stories

  • Dustinand Elizabeth Mustain
    Growing Up Boating When he was young, Dustin Mustain had already picked out his dream job: he wanted to live and work on the water. “I always knew that, no matter what I did in life, I wanted to be near the water, whether it was a lake, a river, an ocean, whatever,” he recalled. “There was just something about being near the water that called to me. I was born in Arkansas, but my
  • Keith & Amy Myers
    Love At First Cobalt Keith Myers had never owned a boat before buying his 2021 Cobalt R6 Outboard, but he distinctly remembers seeing his first Cobalt. “It was back in the 1990s and I was living in Louisville, KY. A friend had invited me to join him for a cruise on the Ohio River, and when he pulled up to the dock in his Cobalt, I simply fell in love with the look of that
  • The All-Around Hobbyist Al Ohliger is a busy man, keeping up with such hobbies as shooting, fishing, skiing and horseback riding to complement his longstanding traditions of boating and service to his community.  “I’m retired from the U.S. Air Force, but first and foremost I’m a Cajun from the New Orleans area who grew up on Lake Pontchartrain, with canoes, kayaks, all kinds of small boats. I got my first real boat back in 1969,
  • The Right Time for a Cobalt Glenn Southard started thinking seriously about Cobalt boats in 1984, after he completed college. But it took awhile longer before he was able to actually buy one. “I was interested in getting one back when I first graduated, but I was just starting out and a Cobalt cost more than I could afford,” Glenn remembers. “So I looked at other boats that cost less and bought several of those
  • A Family of Boat Lovers While many Cobalt owners are people who grew up on the water, Rob Foster is a recent convert to the pleasures of boating. “We’re not far from Tims Ford Lake in Tennessee, near Lynchburg, which many folks know from its being the home of a famous whiskey. I’ve had friends who had boats but until 2019, I never had a boat myself,” Rob said. “That’s when my wife, Leigh, and
  • Moving Up In Style Jim McKellar had been an avid boater since he was a teenager, and a boat owner for a number of years before deciding to spend a little more on a new one. “I’d owned different brands of boats, including some very nice ones, with the largest being a 23-footer. But I’d always wanted a Cobalt, because it was clear they were the premium standard, high quality and a great ride – plus,
  • Surf boat or day boat? What do you do if your family enjoys water sports, but also loves to spend summers and weekends simply cruising the lake? “Like a lot of folks, we wanted to be able to simply get up in the morning and go out wake surfing and boarding. But since our boating season is relatively short here in New Hampshire, we also wanted to spend as much time as possible doing other
  • From Sailing to Powerboating Some people like boating. Others enjoy it so much they can’t wait to get back on the water. Then there’s Cobalt owner Paul Calisi, who loves it so much that he quit his previous job to become the Director of Sales, Service and Operations for East Coast Flightcraft, Cobalt’s dealer in Middleton, MA. “I grew up boating, like my dad, who also grew up boating. The difference between us is that
  • The Birthday Boat Some people are very careful when they make major purchases, spending a great deal of time on research to be sure they’re getting good value and will be happy with the result. This is a very sensible approach, usually leading to a smart purchase decision. This is the way Ty and Karen Moore typically operate. “Well, when it came to buying our first Cobalt, I didn’t do it that way,” said Karen
  • Cobalt R5 owners and friends
    Many Cobalt owners get started with other powerboat brands and ‘ladder up’ to Cobalt. Not John Haynes, who jumped right in with his first boat, a Cobalt 230. “When I was a kid, my family had a small boat powered by a 5 or 10-hp. Evinrude outboard motor, but I don’t consider that to be a day boat,” he explained. His wife, Ala, was less generous, calling it “a rowboat with a motor,” but either
  • Perks' Great Loop completion party
    Where most Cobalt owners use their boats for rest and relaxation, Doug Perks also sees his A40 as a great vehicle for adventure. And his adventures, while many, have only just begun. The former CEO of Eclipse, Inc., a third generation family business that manufactured industrial heating components such as gas burners, Doug grew up sailing on Lake Geneva, WI, where his family had a home. An avid boater, he started out with other powerboat
  • While the Cobalt brand has many fans, August Munneke must be one of its youngest. Not an owner himself, August has nevertheless spent a great deal of his recreational time on board his grandfather’s Cobalt, and when the family discussion turned to planning his 4th birthday party, his immediate request was to have a cake with a Cobalt theme.   “We make it a point to pay special attention to the things our children express
  • Rob Moller began seriously considering boat ownership when he moved into a lake house back in 2001. Living in Florida, Rob and his wife, Pat, thought that being on the water would be an ideal way to enjoy time with friends and family, so he added a boat dock with davits to his property and then promptly got back to his busy life, working as a financial planner and enjoying his other hobbies, which included
  • Cobalt owner Todd Hyde has been a boater almost all his life. “My parents had a Chris-Craft when I was born, and they used to say I could swim before I could walk,” Todd recalled. “By the mid-1980s, I’d started a business and was boating on Lake Panorama, IA, the state’s only constant-level body of water,” he noted. That was the beginning of Todd’s quest for the ideal boat, limited by the fact that the

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