Keith Myers: Delayed Gratification On the Water

Love At First Cobalt

Keith Myers had never owned a boat before buying his 2021 Cobalt R6 Outboard, but he distinctly remembers seeing his first Cobalt.

“It was back in the 1990s and I was living in Louisville, KY. A friend had invited me to join him for a cruise on the Ohio River, and when he pulled up to the dock in his Cobalt, I simply fell in love with the look of that boat,” he recalled. “It had an amazing combination of styling, build quality, layout, features, you name it! I’d never owned a boat, but I decided then and there that, if I ever did, it should be a Cobalt.”

“Pretty Frugal”

On the other hand, Keith’s wife Amy had been a lifelong boater and had owned several boats. They had both enjoyed boating with their two sons, both of whom ended up joining the U.S. Navy, so it seemed that a boat should have already been a member of the family.

“We had talked about owning a boat, and we had many friends in Louisville who were boat owners. But also being a business owner – I started my financial services business from scratch when I was 23 – the dream of a Cobalt seemed to be something that had to wait,” he said. “I’m pretty frugal, and there were always other ways to spend money as I built the business.”

The Advantages of Having A Boat

The opportunity to own and enjoy a boat finally arrived after Keith retired in 2021.

“We chose to buy a retirement home in Cape Coral, FL and, what with spending 6-7 months per year there, I immediately saw the advantages to having a boat, given all the places to visit along the coast, like Captiva, Ft. Myers, Marco Island,” he noted. “I gave some consideration to buying into a boat club, with the appeal being to use a boat without shouldering the full cost of buying and maintaining one. Did I mention that I was frugal?” he asked with a laugh.

Working Harder

 After many years of working hard, Keith was finally in the position where he and Amy could go shopping for a boat of their own.

“Growing up, my father always taught me that, while someone else may be smarter or richer, I could succeed by working harder,” he said. “That applies to business, of course, but that due diligence was also helpful in finding the right boat. We considered a number of different brands and talked to many different dealers, but I was most impressed by the people at The Boat House of Cape Coral, our local Cobalt dealer.”

Worth the Wait

Keith recalls that he and Amy looked at more than a hundred different boats during their search, both new and used.

“The Boat House carried other brands, but I kept coming back to their Cobalts, and when they showed me the R6 Outboard, it seemed like the perfect fit for us,” he said. “The people there were so helpful and professional every step of the way, from our salesperson, Ana, to the customer service department, the finance people, the maintenance people, all the way up to Eric, the gentleman who runs the operation,” Keith noted. “When I first told Amy I wanted to buy the new Cobalt, she was surprised. But she was also beyond happy, knowing that we both just absolutely loved it. With the navy blue and silver color and white interior, it’s just so classy!”

“It took us awhile to realize that youthful dream of owning a Cobalt, but looking at our new R6OB, I can say it was definitely worth the wait!”