Glenn Southard: Cobalt As a Second Family

The Right Time for a Cobalt

Glenn Southard started thinking seriously about Cobalt boats in 1984, after he completed college. But it took awhile longer before he was able to actually buy one.

“I was interested in getting one back when I first graduated, but I was just starting out and a Cobalt cost more than I could afford,” Glenn remembers. “So I looked at other boats that cost less and bought several of those over time. I never gave up on the idea of owning a Cobalt, though, through all the years of getting married, buying a house, buying cars, having kids, buying cars for the kids, until the time was finally right in 2007 and I bought a brand new Model 222.”

The Feeling Behind the Boat

Glenn was always impressed with the quality of Cobalt boats, and he found the quality of service offered by his Cobalt dealership – Rinkers Boat World in Montgomery, TX, near Lake Conroe – to be equally impressive.

“Everybody there, from my sales representative, Melanie, to the managers and service people, really care about you, and they do everything to make sure your Cobalt is ready for you to have a great experience. People have told me for years that driving a Cobalt on the lake is like being part of a family, and that’s exactly how I feel,” Glenn said.

“For more than 30 years I’ve worked in the trucking industry, which is a business that can sometimes be challenging, but being on my Cobalt takes my mind off of work. The boat is so well designed and well built, and with such great attention

to detail, that you can just relax and let all your cares go away, whether you’re out with family, friends or by yourself. It’s just the ultimate getaway.

Quality Details

As he prospered and his family grew, Glenn decided to upsize to a Model 242 in 2013.

“I’d been spending time at the boat shows, and Melanie started giving me the chance to help out, talking to people who came by to look at the Cobalts and answering their questions – another reason I feel like part of the Cobalt family,” Glenn recalled. “Anyway, I was ready to get a new boat, so I placed my order in April and then took a tour of the factory in May and got to see them finishing up my boat. It was amazing, the way the whole team paid such attention to every detail, right down to the ladies stitching the custom upholstery with their sewing machines.”

A Family Tradition

While Glenn and his family were enjoying their new Cobalt, his sons Travis and Kyle saw another opportunity.

“Travis, my eldest, actually got a used Cobalt 232 before I got my first new one,” he said. “He recognized the value in the Cobalt name, and he found he could make money by buying and selling them – finding one with all the options, keeping it for a year or two, repairing everything so it looked as good as new, and then getting another one. He currently has a Model 232 while my other son, Kyle, owns a Model 210, so we really are a Cobalt family.”

Worth the Wait

Glenn is currently choosing his next new Cobalt, weighing the decision to get either an R4 or an R6.

“With the attention to detail and the new hull design with the surf system, those newer models are all just so impressive,” Glenn notes. “I love the way the engineers maintain the clean, classic Cobalt look, while keeping up with the times with newer technology and features. I expect the turnaround time after I order my new boat won’t be as quick as it was in 2013, but it’ll be worth the wait.”