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Your Cobalt. Make It Your Own.

Our uncompromising quality and innovative concepts go far beyond our boats’ core. Enjoy the entire boating experience with an array of optional equipment and lifestyle accessories designed to give you everything you need for the way you live your life.

Your Cobalt dealer can assist you with a selection of Cobalt factory original options. And while you’re outfitting your boat for the season, take care of the crew with lifestyle sportswear and accessories, available online anytime at

Splash & Stow

The award-winning Splash & Stow eliminates the traditional way of transporting, deploying and retrieving of heavy-duty yacht-style inflatables. At the mere push of a button, the inflatable is deployed, leading to hours of enjoyment on the water. See your Cobalt dealer for details.

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Bow and Cockpit Tonnaeu Covers
Electrically powered swim step

Patent Pending E-Step Electrically Powered Swim Step

Cobalt’s already easy-to-use swim step just got better. With the push of a button the step folds into the water or returns from the water to the stowed position – all from the convenience of the aft sun pad. Designed to be sleek, simple and effortless, the E-Step deployment also has a near silent actuation, making it the quietest actuated step on the market. Now available on the new generation R series – excluding outboards.

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Arch with Rotating Sunshade

No more need to take down your sunshade with Cobalt’s innovative Arch with Rotating Sunshade. Built on the Cobalt aluminum folding arch, the canvas remains up when the arch is folded down to lower positions. It’s easy for just one person to operate – with gas assist cylinders or electric options. The sunshade also has a ridged frame for tight canvas fit, and articulates as the arch is folded down, remaining flat.

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Bow and Transom Filler Cushions
Swim Step Platform

Swim Step and Platform Package

The Cobalt Swim Step is effortless in its deployment, allowing easy and safe access in our out of the water. See your dealer about an upgrade kit for your current Cobalt model.

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Sof-Trac Positive Traction Mat

Dress up your swim platform with the Sof-Trac Traction Mat. Gentle on swimsuits and wakeboards, you’ll maintain traction even when wet. Kits are available in sand or grey for most current Cobalt models with or without the Swim Step. See your dealer for details.

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Positive Traction Mats
Sea Grass Floor Coverings

Sea Grass Floor Covering

A stylish, modern upgrade to traditional carpet, the Sea Grass Floor Covering is durable even in harsh summertime environments and feels great under bare feet. Available for all current Cobalt models from your Cobalt dealer.

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Dinette Table for Sun Pad Receptacles

It’s time to move the party out back. All the conveniences of the revered Cobalt cockpit table have moved aft. Get the stainless steel table post for mounting the cockpit table at the rear of the sun pad at your Cobalt dealer.

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Dinette Tables
Fender Clip Package

Fender Clip Package

The Cobalt stainless steel fender clips are a quick-mount fitting system installed in the deck at the perfect fender positions. That way, lines are always set to optimum length. When docking, simply insert the pin into the fitting and you’re done. Get yours installed at your area Cobalt dealer.

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Stainless Steel Flagpole Kit

Proudly display your flag in traditional boating style with this highly polished stainless steel flagpole and quarter-turn twist locking deck-mount. The pole is the ideal length for the deck of your boat and will accommodate a standard 15″ flag. U.S.A. flag is included. Contact your Cobalt dealer.

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Flagpole Kit
Drivers Rearview Mirror

Larger Glass Cockpit Screens

The Cobalt Glass Cockpit System, developed in conjunction with Garmin, is the premier multi-display solution for total helm control. This glass cockpit series is an advanced, reliable and user-friendly Garmin interface fully integrated with the most pivotal handling and safety information from your Cobalt powertrain. The result is the ultimate boating experience now available with larger screens on select Cobalt models.

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Fresco Chil Vinyl

Fresco Chil Vinyl. anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, mildew-resistant and sulfide stain-resistant fabric technology that keeps your vinyl cool even when it’s out in the sun – a full 15 to 20 degrees cooler to the touch. Finally, no more hot seats while you’re out enjoying a full day of fun on the water.

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Flagpole Kit
Drivers Rearview Mirror

Neoprene Speaker Covers

Keep your speakers looking their best with Neoprene Speaker Covers. Protect your speakers from water, moisture, and all other outdoor elements. Made of high quality, durable Neoprene fabric. Heavy-duty stitching, snug fit and easy fitting.

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RGB LED Speaker Accents

With RGB LED Speaker Light Accents enhance the entire look and feel inside your Cobalt Boat. There are millions of possible color combinations for that unique touch.

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Drivers Rearview Mirror

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Surf Gate™

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